The following individuals have come together to work on the development of a MakerSpace on Campus, including the hire of a MakerSpace/Wood Shop manager and efforts towards building the Swarthmore Innovation Collaborative:

Denise Crossan

Joel Cooper

Katie Clark

Logan Grider

Doug Willen

Brian Meunier

Ben Berger

Randall Exon

Matthew Saunders

Tara Webb

Andrew Ruether

Michael Jones

John Word

J. Johnson

Russell Prigodich

Jeremy Polk

Ann Ruether

Nabil Kashyap

Peggy Seiden

Carr Everbach

and others

Building the Swarthmore Innovation Collaborative –

Individuals and Departments from across campus and the wider community will gain benefit from the Swarthmore Innovation Collaborative and the MakerSpace, such as those named below, and all others interested:

  • Art Department
  • Film and Media Studies
  • Center for Innovation and Leadership
  • Social Innovation Lab/Lang Center
  • Facilities
  • College Libraries
  • Academic Computing
  • Language and Media Centers
  • MakerSpace and Wood Shop
  • Engineering Department/Machine shops
  • Theatre Department